Deliverance is Yours.

Often times, I hear testimonies from people who have experienced “deliverance” in their lives. I took note of the joy people get when they talk about where God has brought them from and how God delivered them from who they used to be.

This made me think about people who have been delivered, but for whatever reason, turn around and go right back to exactly where God has brought them from.

As I was taking notes for this post, the best definition I came across for the word deliverance is to be “rescued from bondage or danger.” The word bondage is a very powerful one to me. Things that hold you down, keep you stuck and keep you running in circles are considered bondage.

We are held bondage to a number of things, and often times we don’t even realize it.

  • The premarital sex you can’t stop having in your relationship = bondage
  • The toxic friendships you keep due to a fear of being lonely = bondage
  • Giving your boyfriend/girlfriend “spouse” privileges = bondage
  • Drug and alcohol addiction = bondage
  • Porn addiction = bondage
  • Greed and selfishness = bondage
  • Having an unforgiving spirit = bondage
  • Constant negativity/toxic words and thoughts = bondage
  • Temporary pleasure seeking tendencies and actions = bondage

And the list goes on.

But it doesn’t have to.

It is up to you to end your cycle. When you pray, worship, change your thoughts and lifestyle you can be delivered. Seek the heart of the Lord and ask Him to clean you up.

And once God delivers you, don’t turn right back around and chase what He delivered you from!! He has greater for you. He’ll fill whatever void you have. He is enough.

Even more so, NEVER EVER let someone keep reminding you of your past and the “old you.” People love to come invite themselves back into your life just to remind you of who you used to be. Never let someone keep you stuck in a place God has already delivered you from. You have to be strong enough to close that door and keep it closed. When you do, remind yourself that God is smiling down on you.

Once God delivers you, that deliverance is YOURS.

…So keep it.

-Jordyn Austin

Song recommendation for those struggling with this : “Break Every Chain” (Tasha Cobbs)



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