The Season.

With Thanksgiving being tomorrow, I felt it would be fitting to share a little bit about the season. For me personally, the fall season and months have been a period of change and growth. All types of growth including,  personal growth, intellectual growth and spiritual growth. I am not going to lie, it was really hard, but I am so thankful for that struggle. God uses your brokenness and insecurity and turns that into wholeness and faith.

At the beginning of August, I felt this intensity in my spirit, which I now know was God. I felt him pulling me and telling me everything is about to change my last year of undergrad. Knowing myself, at first I was like, no this is my last year of school and this should be the year where things are staring to fall into place. I know the ropes, I’ve been on my own for awhile and I refuse to back track. But God had something else in mind. God repeated himself: everything is about to change.  In many ways He broke me down to the core and I felt lost. I was losing everything and I felt my faith diminishing, but then I heard Him calling me back and said “If you want something, go and get it” ….. I immediately fell on knees and spread my arms. As tears rolled down my face I cried out “Here I am God!!!” Because little did I know, everything I wanted could be found IN HIM.

For the last 4 months, God has been and still is showing the sheer beauty of Him being in control. I had no choice but to trust Him. From relationships and friendships to school and finances, everything has shifted. This scared me because it was so uncertain and I REALLY don’t like uncertainty. I was very uncomfortable and at times, I still am.

However, when I let everything go that I was used to and truly listened to God, He showed me that His plans are and always will be greater than mine. Usually when God makes you uncomfortable He’s calling for growth, for something greater than what you’re used to. He’s calling you to a new and higher level. But with new levels, comes new devils. So now that means you need more faith and more trust in HIM and less faith and trust in the “security” of this world. Everything I had planned for myself was uprooted and turned around to remind me that my foundation should always be rooted in Christ, never this world. Change happens when you least expect it, when you JUST got comfortable and when you’d rather not change a thing. God shakes us up a bit and reminds us why we are here. He uses this time to remind us of our purpose.

I was reminded my identity is not in a relationship and my salvation is not in a education. I was reminded to appreciate every little thing, even the things I wasn’t pleased with at the moment. I was reminded that when God says go, you listen. When I did this, I became more carefree, optimistic and happy overall, even in the midst of the uncertainty. It didn’t take material things to make me feel this way either, it took complete trust in Jesus Christ. Even when the world thinks I’ve lost, God says I’ve gained so much. I’m rich in Him and this is only the beginning.

Fall usually is the beginning of a season where vegetation starts dying and animals prepare to go to sleep. Things become motionless. But if you look closely, there is life everywhere. There is always something to be thankful for. The mere fact that you woke up this morning, shows God at work. This is a season of change and I decided to embrace it. I decided to keep my eyes on my own grass and be content with where God has me, even if the grass looks dead right now. Before we get to step 2, we need to trust God in step 1.

So as you gather with your families to converse and eat good food, remember to sincerely be thankful for everything. Be thankful for this time of change, be thankful for that family member that gets on your nerves, be thankful for the opportunity to be with loved ones, because someone somewhere doesn’t have any. There are plenty of ways to show thanks and appreciation during this time. Give a helping hand, or deliver a food basket to someone who needs it. Pass up the black Friday rush and go visit that family member you haven’t talked to in awhile. Read that book you’ve always wanted to read, or visit that hidden treasure city you’ve been hearing about. Enjoy people, enjoy life, laugh, smile, love, increase your faith, and remember to always thank God for everything.

Whatever it is, you’ll get through with complete trust in God. Make a booklet of scriptures if you need to and remind yourself that what God says is true.

Appreciate and be thankful for the season. Have a happy thanksgiving everyone! Remember to go hug somebody.

-Jordyn Austin


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