Pull Your Sled #2017.

The time of year has come. We are a few days shy of the new year. People like to get especially vocal at this time. You’ll hear things like:

“new year, new me.”

“I’m cutting so many people off in 2017.”

“I refuse to take any L’s in 2017.”

Sound familiar? It never fails. A new year rolls around and people think magically things are about to change for them, with little to no effort on their part. It also amazes me how people wait until the new year to try to get themselves together. I don’t think I’ll ever understand the concept of waiting until an entirely new year is here to make changes to yourself, when not even tomorrow is promised to us.

However, I do understand that there is something so beautiful about a new year. Not because it’s a time to start over or completely transform, but because it’s time to keep moving forward.

One day I was upset about a few things, and my younger sister was there to encourage me. She said something so powerful, that I’ll never forget. She’s an amazing track runner, and she made a track analogy that I didn’t quite understand until I looked it up. She said when she’s practicing running track, she hates when she has to pull a sled. Here’s a couple of pictures if you’re unfamiliar.

Pulling a sled


She went on to say “my whole purpose of running is to go forward. Why keep on to something that’s keeping you from doing that?” All I could think was ….. Wow. My 15 year old sister just convicted on so many levels.

So I started to do some thinking.

That sled runners have to pull is literally dead weight. The weaker you are, the harder that sled is to pull. BUT the stronger you get, the more you can keep compelling forward no matter how heavy it is.

Think of the sled you’ve been pulling this past year:

  • the people who told you that you wouldn’t make it
  • the people who disrespected you
  • the person who broke your heart
  • the depression and loneliness that crept into your life
  • the semester grades that weren’t what you wanted them to be
  • the friends you lost
  • the family member you lost

And the list goes on…

You may not have been that strong in 2016, but that’s okay. You made it. Whatever you thought would break you, didn’t. You kept pulling your sled and the new strength you’ve shown is so beautiful. You can’t get rid of your past. What happened, happened. But it doesn’t define you, in fact your experiences shape who you are today. For example, the reason you care so much about other people is because you’ve possibly known what it felt like to not be cared about.

You don’t have to walk into the new year and be a totally new person. I’d prefer to walk into the new year with a story to tell about the extremely heavy sled I pulled. Every single thing you’ve gone through and that sled is a reminder of how strong God has made you and how God has kept you through it all, never leaving your side. New year, new you? Go ahead and leave the “transformation” to God. He’ll mold you into exactly who He called you to be, if you let Him.

You feel like you need to cut people off? Please don’t go around cussing them out talking about “you ain’t coming with me to the new year”……..  Please? lol. Trust me, if you continue to move forward, all the right people are coming right along with you. The wrong ones will fall off on their own.

You’re not taking any L’s in 2017? (L)O(L) ……. yes you are, big fella. We all are. But those L’s should stand for lessons, not losses.

Just remember that your job is to keep. pushing. forward. Lean on God and trust Him in all your ways. All the toxicity, negativity, doubt, worry, hurt, heartache, and fear needs to be left in 2016. Be happy, laugh at yourself more, be more kind, do something everyday that brings your closer to your dream no matter how big or small, compliment people, become comfortable with YOURSELF in all aspects, learn how to be alone and not feel lonely, empathize with someone, cry when you need to, pray more, get to know God on a personal level for yourself, read books that nourish you, increase your faith, dive deeper, support and love others. This journey has its struggles for everyone. Whatever it is, just choose to keep going. Your past and rough times are nothing to be ashamed of, they are simply juicy chapters of your story. Choose to get back up every single time, no matter what knocks you down. You’ve got a goal you’re working towards and the only way to get there is to keep pushing forward.

And the only way you should be looking back, is to see how far you’ve come.

Pull Your Sled #2017.

-Jordyn Austin

Happy New Year everyone! 🙂




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