Chasing the Fleeting.

I hear so much about people chasing their dreams. I, myself am chasing my dream. I had a different kind of inspiration for doing so. As I was doing a bible study on finding your purpose, God spoke to me.

He showed me what I was supposed to be doing. He gave me a glimpse of my calling. He revealed to me that I was out of place and needed to get in my lane so I could be effective for Him. I trusted the Lord, stepped out on faith, and shifted into “my lane.” I didn’t ask a bunch of questions. I just obeyed and shifted. Immediately. It was far from easy, but when I did, things started to peacefully line up. That’s how I knew I was in His will. The dream I’m chasing is FOR GOD. It’s way of serving Him and drawing others to Him. He clearly told me to get into position because He was about to use me.

You never know who God will use you to bless, so you need to be in place. To give you a visual, we as Christians all represent a different “part of the body” of Christ. We run into trouble when we’re supposed to be functioning as the arm, but decide we’re going to be the eyes instead.

This leads me to ask, what are you chasing? Some of us are going after something just because everyone else is. It’s amazing how many people think rapping or being a doctor is their thing. No shade, those are just a couple of examples. Did you ask God? Did you wait for His answer? When he showed you, did you obey Him? Or did you continue in your own way? Why would you chase after something you never consulted God about? What if He’s trying to protect you? What if He has better for you?

There’s nothing wrong with chasing your dream. The issue comes when 1.)We chase things God never told us to and then expect Him to “bless it” and 2.)When we forget that everything we do should be to glorify and further HIS kingdom, not further our own agenda.

When we get to Heaven does God say, “well done, good and faithful successful person?” Well done, good and faithful charity person? Well done, good and faithful pastor? Evangelist? Policeman? Doctor? No.

He says “Well done, good and faithful SERVANT.” (Matthew 25:21) Our purpose is to serve Him. None of your accomplishments, good acts, or titles matter if you weren’t a servant for God. He has designed each of us to serve differently and uniquely, but we all have the same end goal. And that is to serve Him. Whether it’s through ministry, career, or day to day life, He uniquely calls AND equips each of us to serve Him.

Too many of us are chasing the fleeting. And what I mean by that is, we’re chasing these temporary worldly things like money, recognition, success, relationships, and so on. Unknowingly, we’ve made these things idols in our lives. We’re aimlessly following “passions and dreams” without thinking twice about what God says. I had to temporarily separate myself from friends who thought chasing your dreams is for themselves. I found myself becoming selfish. There’s so much danger in living for yourself. NONE of that stuff guarantees your salvation. NONE of it secures your spot in Heaven. Heck, NONE of it DIED for you on that Cross. It’s all fleeting and temporary. We should be wholeheartedly chasing God, not our futures. Don’t you think if He knows how many hairs are on your head (Luke 12:7), He knows what’s best for your future? Say YES to His will and be obedient, even if it makes you uncomfortable. Even if people doubt you. Even if others don’t understand. Even if you cannot clearly see the end. Even if you start to lose friends. Even if the road seems so lonely. Say yes.

The Bible tells us to seek His Kingdom FIRST and live righteously and the rest will be added to us. (Matthew 6:33) So again I ask what are you chasing? God or a career?

Never become so consumed with this world that you ignore its creator.

Your creator.

Surrender your passions and dreams to Him, because He deserves ALL of you and I promise He’ll guide you. Will you give it to Him?

Whatever He told you to do, do it earnestly and with a servant’s heart. 

Be encouraged.

-Jordyn Austin 



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